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Est: 13 November 1978

Hamersley Hash House Harriers is a men's only club that runs on a Monday night at 6.00 pm in all suburbs of Perth, Western Australia.


The non Competitive, non Athletic, Sport of Gentlemen

Back in the dark ages of B.H. (Before Hamersley) a chap by the name of Gispert claimed to have started it all. By 1970 hashing arrived in Perth with the forming of Perth H3 by a bloke called Edwards. Out of this burgeoning bunch of misfits a forward thinking band of men emerged (Grocock, Duffield, Hughes, Pease and Gasson). They pooled their resources and with a little help from Bullsbrook H3, (their 47th run) they formed a new hash club.

On the 13th November 1978 a very important historical hash event took place, Hamersley Hash House Harriers was founded. The club grew quickly, its strengths being mateship and tradition and our songs that have gained fame throughout the world. Our traditions are many and varied, some of which are; Wanker of the Week, Ice and Down Downs. Visitors are given the traditional welcome, which few forget.
This dynamic club, blessed with the H4 symbol, has become "The" hash club of Western Australia.

Through the years the fame of Hamersley has spread far and wide, with notable events like the "Casino Caper" and the annual "Diggers Run", "The Palace Run" and "The Fish & Chip Run." Through Hamersley, W.A. stands tall on the international hash map. From diminutive beginnings back in 1982 ( Jakarta Interhash) where Gunny performed Hamersley's first hash act, and got dumped in the shiggy pit, Hamersley have set the standard with top class acts, in particular the Interhashes of Jakarta, Bali, Manilla, Phuket, Rotorua, Kuala Lumpur, Tasmania, Goa, Cardiff, Chang Mia, our home town Perth, Kuching, Jogyakarta, Hainan, Bali and Nadi.


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