Hamersley Hash House Harriers is a men's only club that run on a Monday night at 6.00pm

in all suburbs of Perth, Western Australia.


Latest Run Photos:

#1932_AGM @ Kings Meadow


#1934_Ampol @ Ellenbrook


#1938_Joint New Year Run in Kings Park New


#1940_Aunty Jack @ Pt.HeathcoteResrv, Applecross

#1941_Dingo & Fallen Hashmen

#1942_Concorde & Sir Kumsize_Aussie Day

#1943_Morphine & Panadol_LiveHare



Group Photos

Run 1877 on 20 Oct 2014

Run 1913 @ Selby Park






Receding Hare Line
Run Date Hare Where
1945 Mo 15Feb Scrotus Valentine @ Yokine
1946 Mo 22Feb BraveFart Allen Park Swanbourne
1947 Mo 29Feb BraveFart Carine open space
1948 Tu 03Mar Perth Hariettes Palace Run-TBA


Check H4 Run listing and book your run with SirKumsize or Concorde

H4 Run List 2015-2016_The Year of AssAssIn - updated 06 Feb 2016 


Members details on the website are now password protected. For Members requiring to access this, please contact Voodoo, HardCase or Halfway to request a password.



Latest happening's H4 + Others...



Jan 2016 and beyond


    H4 Lunch Fri 05Feb, 12pmOn @ Tasik Indonesian Restrnt, 63 Aberdeen St Northbridge. BYO-grog  
    Albany Convict Hash 500th Run on Sat 20Feb2016. See Albany 500th for Info & Rego  
    Mandurah Hash 1600th Run Sat19Mar2016. See Mandurah 1600th for INFO & REGO  
5th Cambodian Nash Hash 25-28Mar2016. See www.svh3.club or Flyer Cambodia
    Gibb River Challenge 15-19May2016. Support Concord's team Rawring Forties in this charity event for Sirens-of-Silence. See Concord here or go: www.thegibbchallenge.com.au  



Interhash Bali2016 on 19-22May2015. Go to http://www.interhash2016.com. See their main page to register for Hamersley Offshore Run #13 or contact Coops


    Aussie Nash: H4's After Nash Hash Lunch near Ballarat, VIC on 27Feb2017. Contact Spud - see Flyer Ballarat H4 Lunch  
    EuroHash-2017 in Austria / VIENNA 03-05July. Link: http://eurohash2017.feosc.org/  
    PanAsia2017 in Korea/Sokcho 27-29 October. See Sokcho INFO and Sokcho REGO  
    MotherHash 80th 14-16SEP2018 Kuala Lumpur - it all started in 1938, Gispert et al. Relive our Hash Origins: Flyer: MotherHash 80th ; Direct to webpage: MotherHash 80th Direct  





1978/79 GOD  
1979/80 Terry Grocock Growie
1980/81 Greg McAlister Mac The Mouth
1981/82 Ron Johnson Mother
1982/83 Ron Duffield Duffy
1983/84 Robert Gunn Gunny
1984/85 Pat Gasson Keep Guessing
1985/86 Graham Stewart Stewie
1986/87 John Mason Mase
1987/88 Robert Rankin Biggles
1988/89 Denis Smith Fry A Tuck
1989/90 Ron Pease Pissy
1990/91 Colin Hewton Stupid
1991/92 Craig Atkins Acko
1992/93 Kevin Holloway Halfway
1993/94 John Brigatti Dingo
1994/95 Fred Brondsema Fawky
1995/96 John Kelly JK
1996/97 Paul Szijarto XYZ
1997/98 Jim Ellis Sgt. Bilko
1998/99 Bruce McAlister Stir
1999/00 Wade Nunn Got Nunn
2000/01 Wayne Reardon Troppo
2001/02 Bob Bernhardt  D.A.G.S.
2002/03 David Phillips Screwdriver
2003/04 Rudy Vooys Voodoo
2004/05 James Devaney Patch
2005/06 Graham Bulhman Marilyn
2006/07 Graeme Cooper Coops
2007/08 John Hammond Slops
2008/09 Craig Glendinning Wort
2009/10 Craig Robertson Boof
2010/11 Greg Heylen Cookie
2011/12 Richard Clark Bravefart
2012/13 Wayne Jensen Tampax
2013/14 Don Butler Wimpy
2014/15 Peter Collings Popeye

 MISMANAGEMENT   2015/2016

Grand Master  AssAssIn
On Sec  Baron
RA  MelAdjusted
Hash Cash  Donka
Joint Masters  SirKumsize/ Concord
Hash Historian  Troppo 
Hash Hacker  Voodoo
Hash Splash  Kazi/C-Man/ Replicar
Song Master  Screwdriver
Flash  Tampax
Munch Master  Wimpy
Haberdash  Poley
IH/Nash/Orgies  Coops

Past Committees


The non Competitive, non Athletic, Sport of Gentlemen...

Colin Hewton Stupid
Greg McAlister Mac Mouth
Bob Thompson Thommo
Bruce McAlister McStir
Dennis Thompson Sludge
John Hammond Slops
Jim Ellis Sgt. Bilko
online now.




Latest Rag: 1943

Previous Rags:

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Auto Electrics
Hardbar 0418 953 711
Boof 0418 916 480; 
Chauffer, all purpose   
Spud 0448 890 143 
Compressors & Air
Prescious 0408 009 556
Sparks 0419 913 541
Home & Property Maintc  
Stir 0419 968 324 
Lawn & Garden
HaBB 0413 444 142
Mudguard 9444 3168 
 Oil, New & Recycled
Morphine 0408 921 669
 Panel Beater
Panels 9362 5804
 Parquetry & Floors
The Toad 0411 545 368
 Pilot Services
Gasman 0402 442 273
Hippo 0429 652 711
 Real Estate
Coops 0411 530 533 
 Seafood Elocution     
C-man 0418 931 861
 Tyre Wholesaler
Roger Bayliss @ Associated Tyre Wholesalers 9244 9699
Wealth Creation
Cookie 0409 295 246